Well folks, here I am! Alive. (Not than any of you rotten ingrates asked after my well-being at any point in the last silent month.) I haven’t been through any travails, haven’t been away on any exotic trips, haven’t even been paralyzed by a 50 ton ennui pressing against my spine. Nothing like that. I’ve been here, just quiet-like.

Truth be told it’s pretty simple. It’s this damned site! This site takes a huge amount of time and effort to maintain with the bar I’ve set for myself as high as it is. Honestly It’s tough to churn out the kind of lengthy, researched, original content I aim for and it leaves little time for other pursuits. That said, I am stubbornly unwilling to lower the bar. I love the Nonist as it is, I’ve just found that lately my mind has been running on other tracks. Hence the absence.

So what’s the solution?

Rather than shift focus and start posting less developed content to The Nonist, I’ve created a second site called The Nonist Annex. The Annex will be less formal and more freeform, featuring more bite-sized and link oriented content. This format will allow me to post more often, stay limber and connected, while simultaneously allowing some time for other pursuits. That’s the hope at least.

Rest assured that when inspiration strikes I will still be posting new original content on the Nonist proper, I am running them concurrently, but for the time being at least, and certainly while this splendid warm weather continues to beckon me outside for ever more rounds of drinks, expect to see the bulk of my online activity happening at the Annex.

For those of you that depend on feed readers you can add the Annex right here: RSS / ATOM. To the rest of you, I sincerely hope to see you there, and if you’ve got any compatriots who are also Nonist readers, do let them know.

On to The Annex…

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The Nonist Gallery

I mentioned recently that I’d been working on a couple of new features for the site. One of them is The Nonist Gallery, which I am launching right now. My hope is it will offer an alternate means by which to browse the site and its archives. I am attempting to populate this gallery with all the images ever shown on the site , including both original images, created by me for posts and “special projects,” as well as images featured in posts but created by others. Clicking an image brings up a larger, annotated version, and clicking an image’s title links back to the original post it was featured in. Thus far I have only uploaded a tiny portion of the content, beginning with oldest images first, but plan to add more each week until the content is totally up-to-date, after which point updates will occur simultaneously with new content on the main page. More information is available on the gallery page itself by clicking “info” and a permanent link to the section has been added to the menu. If you have any issues or thoughts feel free to contact me. Happy browsing.

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Just a note to apologize for the quietude and tumbleweeds here recently. No existential crisis or impending mental catastrophe this time, I’ve simply been busy at the workplace and have not had the requisite time, nor energy, for quality posts. On the bright side with what little free time I’ve had I’ve been quietly working on two new sections for The Nonist which I hope to launch and fold into the site sometime this month. Anyhow, if you’d be so kind as to be patient with me a little while longer I hope to be back at full strength in a week or two. In the meantime I’ll post as often as I can manage. Now, back to the wheel. Heart.

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Happy Holidays To You

Though I didn’t find the time this year to continue my tradition of Nonist holiday cards I just wanted to carve a moment out of the hectic schedule to wish all of you, my astoundingly attractive, astute, and aesthetically-advanced audience, a very happy holiday season. Here’s to the terrifically unlikely proposition that we, all of us, come out of it feeling even a smidgeon more rested than we did going in, that even one among us manages to give a gift that will actually be enjoyed by its recipient, that our travels are relatively painless, and that none of us are forced, through the sheer frustration of contact with the inevitable massive and milling crowds, to elbow anyone in the neck! Joy, then, be to all. I hope to return to action before the new year. See you then.

Love- Jaime

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With the arrival of the holidays, and their attendant crush, I’ve resolved to make a temporary change here at The Nonist. In that I don’t expect to have much time to do research and write “serious” or lengthy pieces (as you’ve no doubt already noticed) I’ve decided that for the remaining 11.23286712328768% of 2007 I’m going to relax my own rules here and let it all hang out as it were. What can you expect for the remainder of the year? Well… non sequiturs, short bursts of blushing lunacy, lonely vagrant images, doodles, black market puns, decontextualized paragraphs riddled with links, circular logic, conspiratorial whisperings, reflexive pronouns beating the tar out of their antecedents, renegade illustrations without country or a moral compass, both bold-faced and bald-faced lies, endless tumbling dénouement, despair… that sort of thing. It’ll be our own Saturnalia come early. And who knows, maybe there’ll be a decent post now and again as well. So my dearest readers, consider yourself warned, the beast is loose and the bar’s been lowered! Huzzah! 

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Like a shining diamond, Like a knife.

Or: My finest art?

First I’d like to say thanks to everyone who took my little poll. The results have been pretty much what I expected (more on that later). Double thanks go to those who left thoughtful comments, they were illuminating, and I appreciate it very much. Second though are apologies. Yes, apologies to all of you who have travelled these parts long enough to witness my repetitions. Ennui, desire, dissatisfaction, and labor pains- I am about to speak on these yet again, and yet again I will mull the pulling of my rug out from under you. Giving thoughtful consideration to, and writing about, the creative process is both honorable and necessary. So when a creative sort has, for a period, spent the better part of his creative energy on a blog the result of an inventory is, unfortunately, that most tiresome of things- another blog post about blogging.

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Mutagen Updated

You’ve noticed the sound of your questioning voice resonate and echo longer as the depth of the empty space here has grown with each passing day. “Why is The Nonist so quiet?) quiet?)) quiet?)))” In answer I can offer a single word from the back of my lair which ought to go far in explaining my absence: Promotion.

A couple of weeks ago I was promoted at the office and having to devote more of my mental energies toward work I’ve found I have less to devote to the site.  This may be temporary, an adjustment period in which my stress and annoyance gradually return to acceptable levels. And then again it may not. In either case I’ve decided to take the advice of some friends and fellow bloggers and make a small change here at The Nonist.

From here on out, or for the foreseeable future at least, I will be changing to a regular publishing schedule. New content can be expected on Sundays and Thursdays. I hope that by pulling back from the possible 7 to the concrete 2 I’ll be able to stretch out a bit and craft even better content with less filler, and, I guess it goes without saying, less needless stress on yours truly.

Though this need not be anything other than a minor scheduling change I am choosing to consider it a mutagen and as such am feeling compelled to rethink and refocus.

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Apologies to all for the spotty posting and general crapulessence on display here of late. Hate to make excuses but work’s been kicking my ass lately. Hope to return to previous glory soon… O.k. now stop trying to look up my chiton and move along, you sickos.

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Imagine, if you will, a strip-mall parking lot. It’s a familiar place which you’ve distractedly maneuvered through many times. Now Imagine that on this particular afternoon you pull into said parking lot only to find some kind of quasi-pomp, marking some unknown circumstance. Everything is clutter and Day-Glo chaos. “Aw crap!” you might think, but it’s too late to escape.

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Notes from on the ground

or: the what and why.

So after a redesign period of over a month I’m back. And what do I have to show for it? Well, you’re soaking in it. This is it. This is the new face of the Nonist. I can imagine what might be going through some of your minds on first sight- “No header image? No giant logo? No sidebar? No blogroll? No nav-bar? One column? What the hell?!” The design savvy among you might add “No image replacement? No ‘holy grail?’ No liquid or elastic? No yellow fade effects?” Some of you might even take this train of thought further down the line and arrive at- “It took a month to design this?”

Believe me when I tell you, I’m as surprised as anyone at where the redesign ultimately landed. If you’ll indulge me I’d like to talk a little about the process which got me here, explain the reasoning behind my decisions, and lay out a few of the changes…

And so that, as they say, is that. This is the new Nonist, an attempt at elegance in form and readability in function. As stated I’m not yet certain whether I’ve succeeded in these attempts, but for better or worse it’s done. We hear over and over that content is king. This new site is set up such that it will sink or swim on its content alone. Its a self-imposed challenge for me to craft some fine quality goodies because if I don’t there won’t be much else to look at.

I’m sure there will be hiccups and necessary tweaks (as such I encourage you all to let me know if you encounter problems). There are also a couple sections I’m still planning on launching (a gallery, a forum, a store, etc) but truth be told I’m sick of looking at code. So we’ll just take it all as it comes. Now all that remains is to see if I can remember how to blog. Here’s hoping.

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