I would like to announce the opening of The Nonist Shop. After years of threatening to loose actual physical products upon the world I have finally made the first humble steps toward becoming a soulless, lumbering, commercial juggernaut that will happily suck the last penny from your children’s children’s pockets, effectively making it impossible for them to prosper, let alone shell out the cash necessary to keep you happily medicated in the old-folks home! Yay.

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Finally!  Snitches shirt: copped!

Posted on 05.28 at 03:22 PM by .

Ha ahha. Yeah, you think your wait was long I had like 30 people asking for a “Creative Commies” shirt, and that was… christ… 2 years ago?!

Anyhow, congrats to you! You are officially the first person on planet Earth to own a Nonist-made Tee. And thanks!

Posted on 05.28 at 03:33 PM by jmorrison

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