Fucitol. C6H14O5, a molecule derived from the sugar Fucose, is better known (and by “better” I mean “if at all”) by its common name- Fucitol. Yes Fucitol indeed. Now, with this handsome C6H14O5 molecular model tee from the Nonist, you can brazenly display your cynicism, disgust, apathy, aimless anger, or total nihilism in a manner that wont upset your dear old granny, require immediate sedation, or set off alarm bells in the HR department. This design (see below for larger image) ought to look good on most apparel colors, light and dark.

Check out all of your options for this Tee here, or see all the Nonist’s products here.

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And on Wikipedia, two items of note:
The molecule: HO-OH-OH-OH-OH
A link to L-Fuculose kinase, abbreviated as FucK: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L-fuculokinase


Brilliant stuff, as ever.

Posted on 06.06 at 08:11 AM by Lori Witzel

Thanks Lori!

Posted on 06.06 at 02:42 PM by jmorrison

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