Poison. New to the Nonist Shop is this attractive design guaranteed to wow not only theater majors, drama club members, lovers of the classics, and Literature professors, but 80’s R&B aficionados as well! Yes, that’s right, here we have what might just possibly be the one and only Shakespeare / Bell Biv DeVoe mash-up on the market, and what is, without question, the finest Claudius tee you’ll see all year! This tee features a full color illustration and grey text incorporating transparency (see below for a larger version). It should look good on all apparel colors. Impress literate people at parties! Be the hit of the library scene! Stick it to the nobility! Take a stand against Flouncy usurpers! Act now!!

Check out all of your options for this Tee here, or see all the Nonist’s products here.

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