Dearest Fingers. The typewriter, after centuries of dedicated service, is fading fast from the memory of men. These noble machines, once the trusted friend of novelist, philosopher, poet, lover, spy, and bureaucrat alike, have fallen on hard times. Today they sit in attics and shadowy back-rooms, confused and lonely. They know they still have so much to give, so much romance to kindle, so much tactile pleasure in their keys and mechanisms! But alas, Man is fickle. Man is thoughtless. Man is… cruel. If you listen closely you can almost hear them, softly clacking their final words, as the dust grows ever thicker… “Dearest Fingers, I’m lost without you.”

This design (see below for larger image) ought to look good on most apparel colors, light and dark. Check out all of your options for this Tee here, or see all the Nonist’s products here.

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