Hello: Just a note to let you know my Mac died after 5-plus years of tireless service and I am in the process right now of setting up a new system, recovering data, etc. I may be MIA for a few days. Will return to you soon. -J

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Condolences. Do you have a photo of the old girl? Are you having a ceremony? Never heard of a Mac “dying.” ?!?!?

Just wondering what model it was. Mine is going on six years (iMac G4, the round bottom kind with the screen on a post). Sad news.

What will you get next? Oh, boy!


Posted on 07.13 at 03:31 PM by Joe Moran

It was really just the hard drive that died, but My machine was a pre-intel G5 tower, and it just seemed like the logical time to move up. I got a new G5 Mac pro quad core blah blah blah this afternoon.

Posted on 07.13 at 04:12 PM by jmorrison

Actually it was a Mac Pro with two 4-core 2.8 GHz Xenon’s. I propose a new motto “thenonist, now with enough computing power to run a modest space program”

Posted on 07.13 at 04:31 PM by .

Yowza! That bites. My condolences. But thanks for sharing. Nothing spurs a thorough data back-up like sudden death in the community.

Posted on 07.15 at 03:22 PM by missginsu

Hey Nonist, my pre-Intel G5 passed on a few months ago. When I took it to get diagnosed and repaired they informed me that these were the lemons of the Mac world, very hard and expensive to repair. They literally groaned when I hauled it in.

So with gritted teeth, I bought a new MacPro. It took awhile to get everything working (lots of software upgrades needed) but now all is well. I’m only religious about one thing and that’s backing up, so other than thousands of dollars and lots of time spent configuring, nothing important was lost.

Meanwhile my old G4 is still chugging along . . . woe to anyone else out there with a G5. It’s only a matter of time.

Posted on 07.16 at 12:57 PM by .

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