Whilst looking over some traffic statistics for thenonist.com I had an interesting realization. It seems that in the time that I’ve been using my current statistical analysis tools, a span of roughly 2 years, The Nonist has welcomed at least 1 visitor from all but 8 countries on planet Earth.

Now, The Nonist has existed in one form or another since 2003 so I could take solace in the thought that in those 3 dark years of missing statistical data The Nonist may have received visitors from one or all 8 of those countries. I could then take comfort in this fact. I could smile and allow myself to feel as though this were some sort of tangible evidence that I had accomplished something with this endeavor. And I could skip joyfully through a field of dandelions, or have a tea-party with some teddy bears, or go rainbow hunting. But I wont. This site is not called The Optimist after all…

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you are lovely

thank you.  from the bottom of my ‘merican boots to the tops of my withered frizz’afro. we loyal readers of oakland, california send an eight-sided kiss comet to you in the wild piss stench heat-stroked streets of new york…..

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It just keeps getting better…

Let’s invade the remaining 8 and force the nonist’s great knowledge upon them!

Posted on 07.22 at 02:02 AM by lorbus

I’d just like to say that, although my IP address may well appear on your tracking s/ware as London-based, I am in fact typing this from my well-appointed residence close by Hanoi’s One Pillar Pagoda. And gosh, but I’m so lonely.

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Greetings from fiery and earthquakey, southern California, where new religions spring up like weed’s beneath strip-mall dumpsters. 

Nonism is a growing cult of personality. We nonists are however still in search of a personality that has any interest in becoming a cult leader. I believe that these eight countries would all be quite easily overthrown simply by turning the original nonist into a strong-man dictator who can mandate government resources to ensure the free-flow of information from thenonist.com once the impoverished are supplied with this $100 laptops being distributed in developing countries by a non-profit.

The important thing is to begin with revelation. I believe that you’ve achieved this initial requirement Mr. Morrison. Can we pray to you now? If enough of us fall down on our knees and become fervent believers in the Great Nonist it’ll help free the good peoples of the Octahedron of Evil.

Posted on 07.23 at 11:01 AM by al

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