Accountants hover over the earth like helicopters,
Dropping bits of paper engraved with Hegel’s name.
Badgers carry the papers on their fur
To their den, where the entire family dies in the night.

-From A Dream of Suffocation by Robert Bly.

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Talk about evocative. I did a year of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right as an undergrad (Classics major, Philosophy minor). I remember one night in the stacks of the library coming across a book on Hegel in which someone had scribbled something like “Hegel is the enemy of Jews.” I was so startled reading this that I actually looked around to see if anyone had noticed me holding this book.
Hegel is wrong about a lot of things. Like pretty much every philosopher who ever lived.

Posted on 08.15 at 12:23 PM by Kyklops

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