Hello all,

Just a note to let you know that the lady and I are off to a tropical paradise vacation tomorrow and I’ll be largely incommunicado. Though both my nature and complexion are utterly unsuited for such a trip I plan to do much lazy ocean-side drinking and reading, and expect I’ll survive to blog another day.I should return to action around Saturday of next week… perhaps.

In the meantime I am setting the Nonist proper to display random posts from the archives, so you might want to check in there as there’s sure to be something on display you missed.

Lastly I thought I’d also mention that I lost all my email contacts and archives when my machine died recently so if you are a pal, an associate, an acquaintance, an enemy, a well meaning stranger, or a skeleton in my closet feel free to just shoot me an email so I can repopulate my address book. Returning home to something other than spam would be nice. If on the other hand you were hoping against hope to never hear from me again… Congrats!

So long everyone.


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