Can there be any doubt that of all the words and phrases which have made their way down to us from Old French, that one of its greatest, most prescient, linguistic contribution is a 5 letter word which manages, in spite of its diminutive size, to neatly sum up the million heavy, wretched, laborious, plodding, suffocating, life-force-sapping, woebegone pangs which constitute a day in the life?

Ennui n.


A feeling of weariness and disgust; dullness and languor of spirits, arising from satiety or want of interest; tedium.

Ah, yes, you noble word, saving us the added tiresome indignity of having to string together an endless array of other, less capable, words when pressed for explanations. Dispirited and beaten-down though we are, I think it would be downright rude of us not to celebrate this word somehow, in recognition of its marvelous utility and tireless, dedicated service. But how? Why with a celebratory ennui balloon-animal of course! (See below for larger image.)

Now, you miserable wretch, heroically drag yourself out of bed, if you can, and click here to see all your options are for this tee, or click here to check out all of the Nonist’s offerings. 

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