Is Heinrich Kieber a modern-day robin hood? No. A new folk-hero trying to awaken the sleepy / sheepy masses to the realities of a ceasless class war? No. An idealistic do-gooder taking a stand in a world sucked-dry by vampiric corporate greed? Nope. Truth be told he’s not even a conflicted but ethically outraged whistleblower. Not even close. Heinrich Kieber was convicted of real estate fraud in Spain, fled to his native Liechtenstein, and while working there as an employee of the Liechtenstein Global Trust, stole from the rich to give to… who else? himself.

In his capacity as a document digitizer for the LGT Kieber evidently copied 3 disks worth of data on thousands of tax-evading account holders and went on + to sell the data to officials of 12 separate countries. He made about 7.5 million from the Germans, which is a tidy sum certainly, and with laws which allow whistleblowers to collect 30 percent of any taxes recovered as a result of their info he stands to make a whole lot more in the U.S. Sure, after pissing off a cadre of the worlds super-rich he’s had to change his name and go into hiding, but that’s the rough and tumble world of high-stakes capitalism baby!

You might argue that, in point of fact, Heinrich Kieber is something of a scumbag, and ding!ding!ding! you’d be correct. No argument here. Even so… the thought of the mega-wealthy being made to squirm, if even for few unattended private seconds, brings me considerable joy. Tax evading billionaires, along with war profiteers, high-level corporate embezzlers, and bought-off politicians, are scumbag royalty after all. + And to quote Twain, “The institution of Royalty in any form is an insult to the human race.”

It’s unlikely that much will come from the data and resultant probes here in the U.S. right? I mean perhaps a few particularly unpopular multi-millionaires will get thrown under the Bently and do a few months in prison, but any of the professional criminal-rich worth their undeclared salt will surely emerge unscathed. Hell, they’ll probably figure out a way to profit. This is Amurica!

Really, on some level, the uber-rich shitheels who will now be compelled to mobilize their battalions of lawyers and do the “subcommittee shuffle” ought to be grateful to Heinrich Kieber. Surely having the law in your back pocket is a lot like having a Lamborgini in your garage, a .45 calibre Luger Carbine under glass, the phone number for a $10,000 a night hooker in your wallet… they’re no fun unless you get to use them.

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