Well-Known Pleasures. New to the Nonist Shop. The classics never die, they just multiply, until they are available in every possible retail market from Urban Outfitters to the street vendors peppering city sidewalks. Such is the case with the iconic cover artwork for Joy Division’s 1979 album Unknown Pleasures. Taken from a Cambridge Encyclopedia of Astronomy the original image presents 100 successive measurement of the first Pulsar ever detected. It is a brilliant bit of design appropriation, evoking as it does the sort of quickened ecstatic reaction one might feel at encountering an “unknown pleasure.” Of course, today, all these years later, the design has been reproduced ad-infinitum, effectively creating more of a “Well-Known Pleasure.” And what would the corresponding visual be for a pleasure so over indulged in as to become decidedly ordinary? I think you’re looking at it. (see below for larger version.)

This tee was designed specifically for black apparel. See your options here or check out all of the Nonist’s offerings here.

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