Fence Music

Quote: Many people look at fences and see not much; Jon Rose and Hollis Taylor look and see giant musical string instruments covering a continent. The strings are so long that they become the resonators as well as the triggers for the sound. On straight stretches of a simple five-wire fence, the sound travels down the wires for hundreds of meters. The music is ethereal and elemental, incorporating an extended harmonic series (the structure of all sound); the longer the wire, the more harmonics become available. The rhythms of violin bows and drum sticks uncover a fundamental sonic world. The fence music encapsulates the vastness of the place. Music of distance, boundaries and borders.

Is it a coincidence that the love-child of their first names, actor John Hollis, has had industrial-grade ear coverings surgically implanted deep into his ear canals? Yes it is.

Beyond the fences, at Jon Rose’s own webpage, you’ll find evidence of a lifetime’s fetish for violins including: “Relative Violins” of his own construction, violin videos, related ephemera to ponder, articles, applets, violin erotica, and many samples of Rose’s own violin work. Meanwhile…

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