awesome. the list survived, somehow.
what a whitty bunch of lads. a real barrel of monkeys out anti-socializing, huddled around a table and a candle. high on sugar’s brownish-green supply, i’d bet money. taking a break from playstation gaming and pbs watching. woah, we could rend the night in two!!!
thanks for the posting, tom. its made my day. you know all the sucker dj’s are gonna start biting our names now…

-dj waiting for 5 o’clock

posted on 03.16 at 04:07 PMjrizzi

haha. oh god. if we weren’t such drunkards back then this would almost certainly bring back fond memories. i remember enids well, even remember that night in an odd, foggy, kind of way, but i forgot the particulars of the list completely. there are a few i can pick out as my own because they sound like the silly kind of thing i’d say but in general they could have been written by any snide twenty somethings with a few too many pints under their belts. uniformly mean and hilarious. i agree with james… let the biting commence suckas.

-dj going to sleep earlier every year.

posted on 03.16 at 08:58 PMjmorrison

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