i might rock that watch. the inano is almost small enough. just slap a band on that thing… they have a page chock full of imaginary apple protype designs as well as all this geeky stuff.

posted on 09.08 at 04:14 PMjmorrison

I desperately want that watch.

No, really I do.  I WANT IT.  Who do I have to KILL to get it?

posted on 09.08 at 04:27 PMPauly D

killing may not be the best strategy in this particular case. the threat of killing however might do the trick. all you’ll need to do is abduct the children and or grandparents and or pets of steve jobs, at least 3 members of the industrial design team at apple, no less than two software designers, a handful of middle managers, and all the consultants from rolex… a few ransom notes later and you might see some action.

posted on 09.08 at 06:22 PMjmorrison

The watch is missing a few things: like, a usable interface and a way to get the music into you ears.  a bluetooth remote and headphones could probably solve both issues.  then the only problem is charging and filling the damn thing, but i digress.  all i really have to say is that the ipodnano is 20% smaller than a business card. i want one.

posted on 09.08 at 06:58 PM.

sorry but I have to draw the line with nano, it may be pretty, but its also more or less a shitty, stupid gimmick and way too expensive for the amount of storage it offers, apple needs to suck it up and start strategic partnerships with other technology companys and get some extra functionality in the basic ipod. Instead of liscensing itunes to motorola to make a weak little phone with storage for 100 songs and no direct downloads from itunes store, Apple should be integrating cel technology into it’s ipod. great, I can store all the photos i want on an ipod photo but if they can put 1 megapixel camera in a cel phone as thin as the Razorwhy cant the ipod have one? Zeiss optics and motorola should be the tip of the iceburg. Apple now has the marketshare to begin creating distributed personal networks and thats what i want them to do. I dont want candy colored mp3 players or smaller mp3 players or smaller mp3 players that also have screens like the other, older mp3 players. One gizmo in my pocket to replace all of the digital crap im currently shchlepping around or three gizmos on my person that add up to a lap top as powerful as an i-book dammit.

posted on 09.09 at 12:02 AM.

and i thought i was the harbinger of all things 2015.  i like these watches better.

posted on 09.09 at 10:52 AMadmiral dewy

does that mean we get to add horologist to your title admiral?

posted on 09.09 at 11:47 AM.

indeed rich…only if i can find the TIME

posted on 09.09 at 03:44 PMadmiral dewy

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