Persecuting the majority?

You’ve heard, I’m sure, about the horrible persecution and hideous intollerance gripping this fine nation? Indeed. It’s everywhere. In our courts. In our boardrooms and bedrooms. In our malls. In our highest offices of government. On our streets. You need only look out your window to see it. I’m talking obviously about the “Criminilization of Christianity.”

God to see you back.  I mean, good to see you back.  I didn’t know a freudian typo was possible.  I am personally at war with all of them.  I have had a revelation while you were away.  I am born again.  I am not ashamed to say it now.  THERE IS NO GOD.  I gave god the benefit of the doubt for far too long.  Now the Goddies are causing far too much trouble and we’ve advanced our knowledge too far to go back into the dark again, which is where this god idea is going to put us if we don’t get over it completely.  The Goddies were fine when they believed their myth on the weekends and got back to reality on Monday morning, but now they are affecting Monday morning.  One God is no less ridiculous than a pantheon of three hundred and we gave that up 2000 years ago.  It is time to give up God and start believing in Humanity before we destroy it.

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I support of my lovely wife I submit the following link:

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It just so happens to be called Loving County. Is it possible that in all my grumbling about delusional Christians that I accidentally discovered… (gasp) Heaven?

Yep. So close to heaven in fact that the place attracts loons from all over the country.

The newly elected sheriff had barely pinned on his star in January 2005, he recalled, when his phone rang with an old-fashioned warning: “You don’t know it, but you’re in trouble.” A group was planning a takeover of the county, said the caller, a woman in Arizona who promised to send him some information by e-mail.

The material described the plans of a Libertarian faction in its own words “to win most of the elected offices in the county administration” and “restore to freedom” Loving County. The blueprint, called “Restoring Loving County,” said that land was hard to come by but that a ranch had been split up and members were in the process of buying sections.

“The people who are living there will be able to register to vote,” it said. “They must swear that they intend to make Loving their home.”

The goal, said an e-mail message attributed to a group member, was to move in enough Libertarians “to control the local government and remove oppressive regulations (such as planning and zoning, and building code requirements) and stop enforcement of laws prohibiting victimless acts among consenting adults such as dueling, gambling, incest, price-gouging, cannibalism and drug handling.”

posted on 05.07 at 09:44 AMJohn Hardy

“...stop enforcement of laws prohibiting victimless acts among consenting adults such as dueling, gambling, incest, price-gouging, cannibalism and drug handling.”

Ha! That’s hilarious. Victimless acts like dueling and cannibalism? If a few succulent human meatballs is the price for installing a Libertarian government then, well… break out the Ragu!

How’d you just happen to have this handy John? I never did think to ask you where Laputan logic was based out of… you don’t happen to use the phrase “Yee-Haw!” on a regular basis do you?

posted on 05.07 at 03:43 PMjmorrison

Nah, where I come from people say “g’day” on a fairly frequent basis but not in that Paul Hogan sort of way. Also “mate” also tends to have a bit of a edge to it (reserved mainly for people who definitely aren’t your mates).

What were the odds of me knowing something about Loving County? Well, I guess that considering that the place is the “xth y of the US” it was destined for some kind of media fame. I only half-remembered reading something about it a while back and Google filled in the blanks.

posted on 05.07 at 08:08 PMJohn Hardy

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