Before The Magnificent Seven, before The Seven Samurai, before The Seven Dwarfs, before The Seven Year Itch, before the Seven Year War, before The Seven Principles of Man, before The Temptation of the Seven Scientists, before The Seven Ravens, before The Seven Poor Travelers, before the seven ceremonies of the cherokee, before the seven sacraments of the Christians, before The Seven Against Thebes, before the dance of the seven veils, before the codification of seven deadly sins there were… (cue the orchestra swell) The Seven Sages!

thankyou nonist! Thales rules. Beautiful post.

posted on 05.11 at 02:25 PM.

Good collection of movies with 7 in the name. I kike how you related all these movies with religion and philosophy

posted on 06.03 at 07:14 PMThe meaming of life

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