City Skies

At some time in 1880’s urbanites in a few cities across the world each made real estate deals with the sky. Essentially the terms of the deals went something like this: “You let us build massive and towering buildings deep into your side of the horizon-line and we, in turn, will give up all rights to a decent view of you.” The sky, being a generally aloof sort, didn’t deign to protest.

Nice of the higher powers to conform to HTTP standard response codes.

posted on 05.16 at 06:52 AMpeacay

Well, what with all the suffering and misery, it’s really the least they can do. How are the skies over you PK? Vast and beautiful?

posted on 05.16 at 06:46 PMjmorrison

Reminds me of driving through south Dakota and Wyoming.  The wide open vistas actually made you feel closer to the sky, as silly as that sounds.  Don’t even get me started on the night time sky without light pollution, actually overwhelming and a little bit scary.

posted on 05.17 at 04:55 PM.

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