The ever ingenious inventor and old master Leonardo Da Vinci has yet again proven himself wise beyond all measure. This newly unearthed mechanical sketch, completed it is thought only hours before his death, is a truly prescient wonder. The text which accompanied it, “coded” in Leonardo’s own backward written script, described the invention as follows:

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Hey, I found your site from Orange Guru’s. This is a really interesting place you have here. I love art. I will definitely have to come back and see some more. :-)

posted on 05.21 at 07:49 AMStatic Brain

This is hilarious!

posted on 06.04 at 09:23 PMxenmate

A fucking genius that guy! Indeed. LOL.

posted on 06.05 at 03:09 PMjivanov

This is so fake, but really funny.

posted on 06.05 at 03:48 PM.

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