A history of the pen. A brief history of writing instruments. The history of the ballpoint pen. How ballpoint pens work. The early history of the fountain pen. The pen trade. The Paul E. Wirt fountain pen. The story of the invention of steel pens. The four treasures of the study: brush pens. Quills. Cutting a quill pen. Fox with quill. Cat with quill. The writing [implement] of Jane Austen - the quill pen.

Mark Twain’s pens. Presidential pens. More presidential pens. The instruments of presidents, peace and international politics. The “billion-dollar” space pen. More on the space pen. Vintage pens. Pen profiles. Pen collection. Pen lovers. A collection of pre–1850 writing implements. Waterman’s writing implements. Vintage pen ads, blotters, and ephemera. Lion & pen. Nibs. Nibs. More nibs.

Quills: Pens for right-handed writers come from the left wing, and pens for left-handers, from the right

Who would have guessed! Thanks for the post. Sometimes I wish my pc would parse quill.

posted on 05.22 at 01:57 AMpeacay

Interesting PK. Adds credence to this:

“QUILL, n. An implement of torture yielded by a goose and commonly wielded by an ass.” - Ambrose Bierce.

posted on 05.22 at 11:56 AMjmorrison

Great collection, thanks! But I still haven’t found a good pen. But I have been using a pencil from Spalding Brother NYC:


posted on 05.23 at 11:22 AMorangeguru

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