I was recently made a gift of a valise which belonged to a great-great-uncle whom I’d never known nor indeed ever heard of. Inside his valise, which must have been close to a century old,  were some personal effects, nothing of great interest, but among them I found a small bundle of printed matter, folded into a yellowing envelope and tied with a bit of unravelling string. Upon opening the envelope I was surprised to find that they were keepsakes from a circus of some kind called “Dr. Peppy’s Superb Symmetrical Circus.” There was an advertisement (pictured above) as well as some promotional cards, highlighting what I have to assume were star attractions of the circus. Each had handwritten notes on the back. I’ve scanned the cards and transcribed the notes below for your wonder and amusement.

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Wow, excellent serendipitous find! Mark Mothersbaugh clearly ripped off Dr. Perkey for his Beautiful Mutants photos:


posted on 06.04 at 07:08 PMMrBaliHai

Indeed. Perhaps he’s been gifted with a certain valise as well?
(Wish he’d stuck to the funny red hats… the bastard.)

posted on 06.04 at 08:04 PMjmorrison

hehe cool idea :P

posted on 06.04 at 09:33 PM.

Outstanding. How do you find the time? Good enough for a small book. Go for it man, we need more fantastical ephemera in the world to confuse future archaeologists….. This was the sort of stuff I loved as a kid.

posted on 06.05 at 01:09 AMEli

I think this thing ate my lengthy comment! Waaahh!

posted on 06.05 at 02:06 AM.

as i being, “faint at heart and slow of mind” you have truely troubled my soul….....

p.s. a belated and much deserved congratulations on the new nonist

posted on 06.05 at 12:48 PMadmiral2015

@Eli: I bought my time cheap off the back of a truck in an alley in Mexico city. Can barely make use of it all. Actually that’s a lie. I just do shoddy work, takes no time at all. Actually, that’s a lie too. It takes a while. I don’t go outside much, so maybe that’s it.

@Tom: Commenter who cried wolf! that’s one too many “the machine ate my comment” comments from you ya lazy s.o.b! I’m beginning to think you’re in the early stages of Alzheimer’s…

@Admiral: Thanks pal. Much appreciated.

@Abi: I thought so too… though the “idea” came after the images.

posted on 06.06 at 06:23 PMjmorrison

Oh ho, read your riposte after a lapse of about five days!  No, it actually did, most probably because I did about five previews trying to tidy up my spelling (I’m not used to typing on a laptop, reaching across four inches of noticeably hot metal to get at the keys).

Most apropos points of my eaten comment: Funny! Couldn’t stop chuckling or get the phrase “Fresh doo-doo loaf” out of my head for days. Is that an early sign of Alzheimer’s? Hell, it’s probably a halfway-to-dementia sign. But it was funny anyhoo.

Where does one go to learn to be a Morticant?

Also, there’s a local photographer whose name I forget (might be Al Z. Heimer) who does this symmetry thing with outdoor scenes, so you get stuff like an autumnal maple tree that somehow also evokes a lobster, frinstance.

posted on 06.12 at 01:34 AM.

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