I never reared a young Wombat to glad me with his pin-hole eye, but when he was most sweet & fat and tail-less; he was sure to die!

The Rossetti Archive which facilitates the scholarly study of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, the painter, designer, writer, and translator. Contains a slew of his artworks. Above: a detail from Death of a Wombat, 1869.

Enjoy the The C. Warren Irvin, Jr., Collection of Charles Darwin and Darwiniana.

What is more deserving of tribute in the form of a Tom Waits song or a Wallace Stevens poem than two Circus trains colliding? Great Circus Train Wrecks and the resultant symbolism of elephants with down-turned trunks.

He who destroyes a good Booke, kills reason it selfe an exhibition of books which have survived Fire, the Sword, and the Censors. (Scroll down for navigation.)

Joseph Leidy Father of American Vertebrate Paleontology and The Bone Wars.

Decameron Web: A growing hypermedia archive of materials dedicated to Boccaccio’s masterpiece, presented by the of the Department of Italian Studies at Brown University. Impressive.

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I read about the Bone Wars in some Stephen Jay Gould book years and years ago. When I went to the American Museum of Natural History, if I recall correctly, there were a fair number of specimens from Cope and Marsh.

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