The Laughing Head

Or: all you need to know about the art world

David Hensel, 64, from East Grinstead, West Sussex, was told his sculpture of a laughing head (title: One Day Closer To Paradise) would be part of the Royal Academy of Arts summer exhibition. But at a preview he found that just the piece of wood which was intended to support the head was on display. Mr Hensel assumed staff had accidentally left the sculpture in the basement where it was being stored. The Academy said the judging panel assumed the two pieces (the sculpture and its supporting base) were separate and decided the support was better. Link. Fucking hilarious.

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The work goes on to receive great acclaim,  Hensel declared a genius without peer, kills self.

posted on 06.20 at 06:14 PM.

It’s amazing how much value is continually placed on what isn’t there.

posted on 06.20 at 08:47 PM.

I read last week that the exhibition required one-piece sculptures—and that the supporting wood was considered an illegal bit of material. The head probably couldn’t support itself (with its massive superego and all) and therefore the wood block had to suffice for the competition. Whatever actually happened, it’s obviously another sign that humans are doomed.

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Seems a “winner” has been chosen from said show at the Royal Academy.

posted on 06.23 at 09:52 AMjmorrison

The small wooden stick was robbed!

posted on 06.23 at 10:20 AM.

This IS HILARIOUS. Thank you for sharing this…and sorry my comment is late. Beautiful blog you got here.

posted on 06.28 at 11:55 AMJuicy Justin

Sometimes the Onion is scooped by the BBC.  In any case, I feel the need to link to Messerschmidt’s brilliant prior art.

posted on 02.23 at 07:57 PMJack Rusher

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