Trickle-down affections

Or: do celebrity archetypes inform our snap-judgments?

No matter how hard we humans play at ideas like open-mindedness, reservation of judgement, and rationality we can’t help ourselves but to make instantaneous snap-judgments about things. That’s no damnation, it’s just the way our brains work. We see something new and our industrious little minds seek connections and corollaries. If our minds find acceptably concrete evidence lacking, they simply move down a tier, from direct experience to indirect, and make whatever connections seem most likely. Our minds have no qualms about simply guesstimate and making the closest match they can manage. It’s how we categorize the world around us and make sense of reality.

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I think that we do project our expectations out into the universe. In the stars, we see the shapes of familiar objects as constellations, or momentarily recognize loved ones in a sea of strangers.

I have a page of Chinese celebrity look-alikes from my time in China that fits in with this topic:

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We project nothing! Well maybe a little, but for the usual case actors who look a certain way are cast into certain roles because the real life version of the role usually looks a certain way. Got it?

Why do all comic book collectors look the same? or Trekies? Do not most Wall Street people look similar, and act similar? Can you pick out a prospective McDonald’s or an Applebee’s manager? Yes you can, if you have ever experienced such a person. These architypal images come from specific experiences of the writers and viewers, and characters that stick around as such images are the manefestation of similarly shared experiences.

A little test:

1. Describe a serial killer, child molester (Aside from Mr. Jackson), well i guess i ruined that.
-Serial killer- white middle aged male, out of style glasses, a bit over weight.
Child molester- Same as above
Clown- Same as above
Priest- Same….I seem to have stumbled onto something here.

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“Did horse-faced women walking the streets suddenly become a bit more attractive during sarah Jessica Parker’s ballyhooed stint on Sex and the City?”


Why is she considered attractive? Why!? I think it has everything to do with celebrity.

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