Postcard from a lifetime away

While going through a box of old photos just now I came across a misplaced postcard which very nearly had me in tears. It was from a friend of mine who died some years back. He was a wonderful guy and I miss him terribly. The saddest thing about coming upon this card for me is the fact that I didn’t just forget about it… no, I can’t even remember ever receiving it. I can’t remember him handing it to me, which he surely did, probably while sidled up next to me at the Library Bar on Avenue A and 1st street. He almost never mailed me anything, preferring instead to just hand over his missives face-to-face. When I pulled it from the box it was like I only just received it… from a lifetime and a trillion miles away. For the benefit of those of you who knew him I’m posting it here. Without doubt you’ll know who it was from instantly.

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I am sorry about the loss of your friend.  His writing reminds me of the type of friend, who always provokes thought, who can always conjure up interesting conversation no matter where or when.  These friends who seem to be on the same page as ourselves are few and far between.  Thanks for sharing the post card. It’s beautiful.

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Sometimes old photos are like little unexploded bombs & one has to be ever so careful picking them up again…

posted on 07.24 at 08:29 AMmisteraitch

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