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You’ve noticed the sound of your questioning voice resonate and echo longer as the depth of the empty space here has grown with each passing day. “Why is The Nonist so quiet?) quiet?)) quiet?)))” In answer I can offer a single word from the back of my lair which ought to go far in explaining my absence: Promotion.

A couple of weeks ago I was promoted at the office and having to devote more of my mental energies toward work I’ve found I have less to devote to the site.  This may be temporary, an adjustment period in which my stress and annoyance gradually return to acceptable levels. And then again it may not. In either case I’ve decided to take the advice of some friends and fellow bloggers and make a small change here at The Nonist.

From here on out, or for the foreseeable future at least, I will be changing to a regular publishing schedule. New content can be expected on Sundays and Thursdays. I hope that by pulling back from the possible 7 to the concrete 2 I’ll be able to stretch out a bit and craft even better content with less filler, and, I guess it goes without saying, less needless stress on yours truly.

Though this need not be anything other than a minor scheduling change I am choosing to consider it a mutagen and as such am feeling compelled to rethink and refocus.

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I think a 2 weeks vacation in Vermont may drastically change your state of mind as of today. Besides, any editor of any regular output, be it magazine, TV show or whatever, need some change once in a while, if only to boost one’s motivation again. Nothing alarming. No need to frighten devotees of the nonist, they will follow you anywhere. At least, I will.

posted on 07.23 at 05:05 AM.

Well, thanks Laurent. And of course your right. A vacation would probably do a hell of a lot of good. I haven’t really left the city on a proper vacation in 5 years. I tend to get myself all worked-up and convince myself I need to make some drastic change, “It’s now or never!” “I’m not getting any younger!” etc, and this blog thing being so very public I always let off the steam right out in the open. A weakness I suppose.

The truth is the very idea that a blog ought to satisfy the creative urges once satiated with Painting and the like might be folly. I tend to think the form has not nearly evolved to its apex yet, and assume there is hope for different, more complex approaches, but then I could be wrong. After-all I do seem to default back to the same type of content and delivery after every upheaval. As soon as i finished this post I started thinking, “Oh great, now that I blurted all that shit out what the hell am I going to blog about?”

If I had more time I’d just start up another project, or stretch a canvas, or… whatever, but in order to do anything well I need to devote the time, and at the moment there is only so much to go around, only one “slot” you might say.

Anyhow, we shall see. No intent to “frighten devotees” I assure you. I’ll probably just dig up some pretty book and blog about it regardless of what I said above.

posted on 07.23 at 08:34 AMjmorrison

Perhaps an issue every three weeks… };-)>

posted on 07.23 at 06:22 PM.

I’ve thought about this a lot. The blog format, while tired and tiring, offers a lot in the way of accessibility. I know that may not be your priority but it means that no matter the scope or diversity of your offerings, it’s still for the most part digestible to anyone who happens upon it. So write what you want; your regular readers will still read. I don’t know how many times I’ve decided to change to focus of my writing, but it never seems to make much of a difference. You still end up with a block of a few hundred words with a picture or two thrown in. Diversity of subject is pretty much taken as a given on personal sites.

On the other hand, your focus and regularity are unusual in Internet land, and were probably part of the reason I started reading in the first place…

As far as the Art/Blog question, I remember a post a year or so ago over at Weightshift (he’s recently redesigned and the archives have disappeared) which suggested a format consisting of a 640x480px frame, into which would be posted whatever you wanted, be it film, flash, text or photograph. This would provide a framework, making the site in some way navigable, but would allow for pretty much anything that the browser is capable of. A launchpad.

I’ve been to sites that eschew any coherent format and they are not fun. If it is not fun, then nobody will look at it. If you don’t want anybody to look at it, keep it in a folder under your bed.

posted on 07.24 at 05:16 AMPierce

Twice a week is still more prolific than some other of us slackers (well, me, anyway). You’re doubtless right that the blog-format has a way to go with regard to maximising creative possibilities, but, it seems to me, you have already made a fine contribution in nudging those possibilities this way & that. Being a new-ish medium, it must be easier to make something new with a blank weblog template, than with a stretched & primed canvas.

posted on 07.24 at 08:49 AMmisteraitch

@Aitch: Good point. Perhaps that’s why I find myself so drawn to it? I mean hell, I could stretch a canvas if I REALLY wanted to! As you see I’ve stricken this post from the books. On further introspection I realized the 2-day thing would negate much of the “plugged-in” immediate feeling pleasure I get from blogging… But your not lazy, just… thorough. Scholarship takes time.

posted on 07.24 at 07:27 PMjmorrison

I do strenuously object, by the way, to the notion so many people seem to have that blogs are inherently some sort of disposable kleenex art form. You can’t tell me there are no blog posts here or elsewhere good enough to stand with Mencken, Bierce, Twain, etc. There is a piece called “Travels of the Zion Froptic” which I consider a shaggy masterpiece, a good example of an obscure internet-only document that moved me deeply.

Among your recent posts, my fave is maybe Dr. Perkey’s Superb Symmetrical Circus, which upon review still drags a laugh out of me. Imaginative, absurd, and redolent of bad drugs out of grandma’s medicine cabinet. If I put a piece together that was that good, I’d be gloating for a month; not you! You toss off wit and novelty like a gypsy pedlar’s wagon hitting a bumpy stretch of road.

One thing that prevents great blog posts, and even a lot of great blogs, from getting the attention they deserve, is sheer abundance. The blogger finds hirself almost in the position of a medieval artisan, creating artifacts without recognition. I guess that’s okay too.

posted on 07.24 at 09:48 PM.

When you need a break, why don’t you ask nonist’s devotees to do The Nonist postings for a while? The guys above may well publish some dense stuff that you wouldn’t be ashamed of. In the meantime, say one month, you could stretch a canvas and paint it white, to start with. Oh well, just an idea…

posted on 07.25 at 02:37 AM.

“No need to frighten devotees of the nonist, they will follow you anywhere.”


And, er, congratulations on the promotion.

posted on 11.16 at 04:42 PMJane

You’re not the only one who has a recently reviewed schedule, mine has filled a little bit too much for me also. Not to worry though, we’ll make it through, just as we have so far.

posted on 05.14 at 02:21 PMMr. Rehab

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