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what’s got you so distressed?  it really is not all that bad is it?

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Hm, there are 23 hydrogen atoms in the structure you’ve drawn. Grey carbon backbone, red oxygen atoms and then white hydrogen. But oxygen can really only form 2 bonds. Your empirical formula (C6H14O5) works but the structure doesn’t correspond. But maybe it doesn’t really matter; fuck it all.

posted on 08.14 at 07:56 AM.

@alina: Yeah, well, that’s what happens when you know “fuc al” about chemistry and you employ a google image search as your main research assistant. If only I could have gotten that juicy Gov. grant perhaps this wouldn’t have happened.

posted on 08.14 at 10:31 AMjmorrison

@jmorrison: oop. what I really meant to write was that I absolutely love your site, read it regularly (too often, really) and I’m delighted that you finally posted something I could legitimately comment on.

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