It strikes me that most of we lay-folk, unversed in the “art of war” as we are, find ourselves dismayed and horrified by the goings-on in Iraq (yes, lest we forget in the fog of news on other ugliness, we’re still there) and I wondered whether there was anything I could do to help my fellow citizens better grasp the situation. After much research I was surprised to find that the Bush cadre does indeed have an exit strategy, and that the violence, strife, and chaos we see daily on our idiot boxes is not exactly what it seems. Following this brilliant strategy the Administration in fact has the broiling insurgency right where they want them. In as much I decided to take the initiative and create a handy, hands-on, illustrated handout, suitable for the White House website, social studies teachers and parents wishing to instruct the young, or indeed any lay person seeking to better understand the Bush administration’s exit strategy. See below.

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This is the kind of genius that keeps me coming back for more. Why isn’t this in the New Yorker??!??!?!

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You should send this to - there are many people who really will enjoy your great work!



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Now that you have me thinking on the Art of War, I can’t help but be reminded of how far things like duality, balance, and such philosophic graces that made that treatise into a text advocating pacifism are so very far beyond the grasp of those in the current administration… perhaps we need more of these cut-out explanations, but from our side to the other instead. Perhaps we should take an approach more like Mr. Rogers to explain in simplest terms why making someone sad is not something good people do.

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