Or, Beter tú lait a kandel dhan tú kers dhe darknes.

Let me get right down to it folks, I have it on good authority that within the next two years we may become witness to one of the most profound changes in American life imaginable. I’m not talking about the stamping out of political corruption, nor a sudden, seemingly miraculous, turn toward competency in the news media; no I’m talking about the obliteration and recasting of the english language itself. If you can read you truly can’t afford not to read this post.

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This needs to be in print and widely circulated.

Thanks for deepening my already recognizable smirk.

(Nevah a dul moamant ere et nonis).

posted on 09.07 at 09:58 PM.

Well, thanks Mek, much appreciated. But seeing as how, aside from your comment, this space is empty, I’m forced to assume you are alone in your enjoyment. What can I say? You must have uncommonly good taste.

posted on 09.09 at 09:37 AMjmorrison

“He was busy, obviously, catching up on the his highschool reading list”

Thank you, for that line! I was wondering if anyone else noticed that his reading list was only missing Catcher in the Rye. Camus? That’s supposed to impress me? The Stranger is damn near a pamphlet that I read around age 15.

Incidentally, I’d only just heard the phrase orthoepist recently on some NPR program, possibly A Way With Words.

posted on 09.11 at 08:59 PMChris C.

My pleasure Chris. I hadn’t heard the word either until I started reading the Thomas M. Disch book mentioned a few posts up. Soon as I looked it up “The Rodeo Clown” (as I heard Bush referred to last night) came to mind.

posted on 09.12 at 01:30 PMjmorrison

I feel suitably chastened by the comment above. I very much enjoyed reading this, and also the type work done for the header, but I stayed silent, feeling I had little more to add than: “This is good.” Is that enough? If so, I’ll gladly give it.

This is good.

posted on 09.13 at 04:04 AMPierce

Indeed that is enough. It is every nonist’s unsworn mission to assure that no post ever goes into the dusty archives uncommented upon! A simple “this is good” will suffice for that purpose, though you might consider rephrasing it occasionally, like “that was good” or “this is fine” or “how do I get to the pub from here?” That kind of thing, you know, to keep it fresh.

posted on 09.13 at 09:18 AMjmorrison

you know, to keep it fresh.

Cedar chips will do that too.

posted on 09.13 at 10:40 AMChris C.

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