Been reading the 1968 book Camp Concentration by Tomash M. Disch and have been enjoying it very much, more, in truth, than I expected to. It sat in my to-read pile for a long while before I actually got up the interest to crack it open. Perhaps it was the ‘72 cover illustration? The cracked spine? I don’t know. In any case, having never heard of Disch, I figured perhaps you had not either, and thought I’d share a few paragraphs to get you acquainted. The following is a snippet from a conversation between the protagonist, Louis Sacchetti (a poet, and conscientious objector to some conflict or other who has been sent, as an objective chronicler, to a military instillation where patients are injected with a modified strain of syphilis which makes them brilliant before eating away their brain and killing them) and Dr. Aimee Busk (an icey doctor at said military instillation.) Hope you enjoy.

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I’m sure I’ve read Disch. Back in the Sev enties, when I was a school lad, I read probably damn near every science fiction book in the Hendersonville library system (school and downtown). Probably a few hundred total, all the major players then available, from Asimov to Zelazny. However, right off I can’t recall which books or short work by Disch I might have read; but I’m certain I read him, yea.

Going to the wiki I find that he wrote The Brave Little Toaster! Also I see a nonfiction title listed: The Dreams Our Stuff Is Made Of: How Science Fiction Conquered The World. I saw that at the used bookstore t’other day, mayhap I’ll go buy it.

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Why thank you so much for introducing me to this man. I too have spent much of my short life reading Asimov and (of course) Heinlein. I will soon try to procure a copy for myself and set it in the inevitable “To-Read” stack - all of which I will get to during school breaks.

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My pleasure Ruth. I may go out and pick up another of his books myself, the other most noted title seeming to be 334.

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