Minotaur Reading by Beth Carter.

Extrapolation: The Minotaur Reading

The world, so far as he knew it, was terrifically boring, with all those endlessly angling hallways leading to dead-ends or back onto themselves. He constantly snorted his impatient youthful frustration at the crushing “sameness” of it all.  By the age of 8 he’d grown tired of scraping his horns up and down the lengths of those uniform walls and abandoned his explorations all together. It should be said, I suppose, that the world was terrifically lonely as well. Aside from the occasional appearance of Daedalus (and the rare glimpse of Icarus at his heels) he was as alone as a man with a bull’s face could be, which, as the less handsome among us can attest, is very alone indeed. In the main his days were spent sitting in a corner listening to the phorminx of his stomach play accompaniment to his snorts.

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Just came across this and figured I’d link it here since it’s related:

Picasso and the Myth of the Minotaur.

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