Graphis Annual 1971 / 1972

So I managed to get my grubby hands on yet another vintage Graphis Annual, this one, a loner, representing 71 / 72. The book and its contents are beautiful, as always, though stylistically this books represents a bit a of a shift from the late 50’s issues I’ve showcased thus far. (See parts 1, 2, and 3.) I’ve limited the post to 18 examples, drawn from nearly all of the 20 subject groups, simply displayed in the order they were scanned. Before we get to It here are a few words from editor Walter Herdeg…

“Our society relies for its existence on the consumer behavior of its members. And consumption depends on– inter alia –advertising. Is this yearbook of advertising graphics, then, concerned with our society? Is it, indeed, a critical commentary on society? We leave the reader to form his own opinion.”

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So. Jealous.

posted on 10.21 at 06:26 PMJane

Mr. Morrison: On page two of the pdf by St. Rand, the passage reads: “Against the outstanding achievements in design by some companies, there stands the great”

No period at the end. Then right into the next page which starts off: “Artistic Integrity”—a section heading.

Is that the way it was in Graphis? Or is something missing? I don’t have the 1971/72 copy in front of me right now. Just curious.

Good stuff!


ps. “design dorks?!?!?!”

posted on 10.21 at 07:11 PM.

I’ll tell ya what, I may not have an army of commenters here, but those that I do have are amazing at instantly spotting every mistake! Bastids. Damn you and your attention to detail!

Yup, lost a few sentences there, and unfortunately without starting from scratch, I can’t fix it. So as a stop-gap here is the missing verbiage:

“Against the outstanding achievements in design by some companies, there stands the great dismal mountain of lackluster work. On the whole, industry lacks confidence in creative talent and creative work, and this is the most serious obstacle to raising the standards of design.” -Paul Rand.

pretty important few sentences too.

Yeah, design dorks, I said it, and it goes double for you Joe.

posted on 10.21 at 07:42 PMjmorrison

Take California…

posted on 10.21 at 09:17 PM.

That final Air India pic is outrageous. What are they selling, exactly? And where can I buy a print?

posted on 10.23 at 04:29 AMsimon

Thank you! Thank you!
Finally I got an image of a Dietmar Winkler’s work on the internet! It took me days… I can now finish my assigment for graphic design history.

posted on 07.05 at 07:24 AMSenshi_ZorS

mr. nonist, what is so wonderful here is your curated set. i know from digging around in these old annuals endlessly that you could have chosen another set of 18 or so that would be very different (and perhaps less interesting). though mr. herdeg had an eye…thank you for this set, though. a good reminder of just how good some of these designers were back in the day.

posted on 01.03 at 05:35 PMLorraine Wild

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posted on 04.16 at 04:33 AMshade sails

oh interessting, pretty rare stuff you found.

posted on 05.11 at 08:50 AMschüchtern

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posted on 05.22 at 03:41 AM.

wow, awesome! My brother used to have one of these too. too bad he sold it.. :(

posted on 05.31 at 09:50 AMSelbstvertrauen

delicious work- well done

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