Infinite Thirst

Or: The Misadventures of Yorick’s Skull, Part 1.

The skull of Yorick, deceased jester to a fictional court, rolls into a bar, occipital bone over frontal, until it comes to rest at the base of a bar stool. It stares upward and though sans-mandible calls out to the barkeep none the less, “What Ho goodman Carl!” The words are slightly slurred, whether for lack of larynx and lips or because this isn’t the first stop on the skull’s boozey itinerary it’s hard to say. The bartender, Dave, turns to see who’s calling him “Carl” (not being versed in Elizabethan slang) and sees no one.

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“You see it just so happens that the Ventriloquists and the Magicians are bitter rivals, a more theatrical version of the Crips and Bloods, decked out in sequins and velvet rather than blue and red bandanas. Each year the new class of students clashes, weaponizing their tawdry little stage miracles, and turning them on one another. There had already been a severe charlie-horse and a spate of fraudulent pizza orders attributed to this year’s feud. Point is there was no way the two would cooperate to materialize a talking skull.”





Excellent. The whole thing is excellent.

posted on 12.03 at 11:53 AMJane

Memento Mori ...


posted on 12.03 at 10:21 PM.

This is good.  I would pay to read more.

posted on 12.04 at 09:49 PM.

I’ll play one dollar more than Christoper. Ha!


posted on 12.05 at 09:06 PM.

I love the Hamlet reference!  Aunt Margaret is correct- - you are so talented that it is absolutely sickening.

posted on 12.07 at 01:24 AM.

Thank you all. If the inspiration hits I will continue Yorick’s post-decomp journey.

@Iby, aw shucks. Thanks cuz.

posted on 12.08 at 09:25 AMjmorrison

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