Quote, “Rockets, canoes, bagpipes, fish, good old chaps with patches on their elbows and jokes about Derrida: Glen Baxter’s world is always instantly recognizable. Blunt, innocent-looking lines tether its extravagant surrealism to the page like guy ropes, the economy of those pen strokes undermined by the accompanying text, blocked out in hand-written capitals, which sheds often surprising light on the dummy-blank expressions of the characters.” from an old Guardian article called King of the surreal. Anyone whose work contains multiple Giacometti jokes, or indeed a constant stream of art gags, gets the nod in my book. So let me ask you, are you, like myself, an admirer of this Glen Baxter by any chance? Well, you are about to become one.

Links: Glen’s homepage, Thorogood, Modernism Inc, The Tate, Flowers East, Int. Herald Tribune piece, and a short audio interview.

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Yeah, i’ve never heard of glen baxter, but its not supprising. I don’t really follow the art world yet, but its good stuff.

posted on 12.13 at 01:33 PMSimon

Yes, I am an admirer. He’s very popular in the UK, via the Guardian, plus lots of books, calendars, t-shirts, etc.

posted on 12.14 at 06:12 AMsimon

I used to love Baxter - I have his first two books - but then I realized that he’s been rehashing the same joke (i.e. absurd, and/or academic talk into boys’ adventures book-type situations) over and over. He reminds me of Arcimboldi, who gets lumped with fantastic/surrealist art but who basically painted the same picture his whole life with the diligence and predictability of a filing clerk.

posted on 12.24 at 07:21 PM.

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