My oh my. It’s that time already? Seems like it was just yesterday we were trampling old women and clothselining one another for some electronic gizmo. And yet here we are! Christmas time again! Well last year, to do my part in spreading the holiday cheer, I whipped up a few holiday cards for your viewing, emailing, printing, and/or mailing pleasure. I’ve decided to continue that tradition and create a new batch for this, Xmas 2006. I only managed to make 4 this year, but added to last year’s 6 that makes a solid ten. See below for the whole collection, and a very merry to you and yours.

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Thanks J. That praying child is priceless. And I really must have your piggies put on a t-shirt. Just the thing for the Crassmess dinner table.
May much merriment lubricate your tidings of Yule. Cheers!

posted on 12.18 at 07:28 AMpeacay

Dear sir—I will use the coal-sack angels for my very own holiday correspondence this year.—J.

posted on 12.18 at 10:48 AMjackrusher

That little guy sure looks happy. Wonder if he knows Cristmas is coming? Ha!

Happy Ho-Ho!


posted on 12.20 at 08:33 PM.

Merry Xmas!

posted on 12.23 at 04:53 AMMon

Feliz Festivus, El Nonisto! Kick-ass as usual. I drawed the pentacle on the floor and prayed to Santa like you said, but all I gots was this cold sore. Are you sure I was supposed to sacrifice a poodle? cause apparently there’s like a pet sematary kind of deal out in the yard and now this zombie poodle keeps trying to bite me when I go out in the morning, and also in my dreams? If a zombie poodle eats your brain from the inside in your dreams, is that bad? Has anybody seen my keys. Oh. They’re in my pants.

Has anyone seen my pants?

posted on 12.23 at 07:58 PM.

Somewhere in Alan Bennett’s diaries, he recounts a Christmas card he received that had him helpless with laughter. On the outside was the usual sweet-faced Madonna and spawn, with the caption, “Jesus loves everyone.” On the inside, the line: “Except you, you cunt. Merry Christmas!” Fantastic.

Well, seasons greetings, you capitalist swine.

posted on 12.24 at 07:33 PMTeju

the baby lookes very happy :)

posted on 04.02 at 10:47 AMmadonna

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