To simply say Lord Dagmar was not pleased might be the very definition of understatement.

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i dont know if its related but… take a look at this if you have time.


posted on 08.05 at 09:33 AMdaniel

Does that monkey sing?


posted on 08.15 at 06:13 PM.

you will forgive those of us poor bastards who dang near gave up on you this time around. i hope. best of luck with the new slate…


posted on 08.17 at 03:33 AMkjbro0me

@ Daniel: That, of course, is just one of the many mystics Lord Dagmar keeps on staff. It’s useful. When you have someone around who claims knowledge of the future, there is someone to blame when it does not turn out as planned. I keep a few mystics on staff to flog just for this purpose.

@ Joe: That monkey has never so much as snored musically.

@Kjbo0me: Nothing to forgive. We internet folk are a few hundred million ships passing in the night. I spent a long while below decks is all. That’s where I keep the whiskey barrel you see…

posted on 08.22 at 08:13 AMjmorrison

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