Nature Vs. Art

Æsthetic Friend: “Yes, This room is rather nice, All but the window, with these large blank panes of plate glass! I should like to see some sort of pattern on them—Little squares or lozenges or arabesques…”

Philistine: “Well, but those lovely cherry blossoms, and the lake, and the distant mountains, and the beautiful sunsets, and the purple clouds—isn’t that pattern enough?”

(Taken from Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 102. June 4, 1892. which, along with many other volumes, can be found on Gutenberg, listed for your ease here.)

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(a.C~1892~...).sounds like an old issue. Probably “The Issue”.

posted on 08.23 at 06:45 PMdaniel

Is Punch still extant, I wonder? I used to read it at the library circa 1981. My fave feature was ‘Let’s Parlez Franglais.’ Much else in the mag was either too dry or too topical; satire on people and events you don’t know just doesn’t work. Probably if I lived in Manchester I would have been rolling on the floor.

posted on 09.01 at 09:51 PM.

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