An Illustration for Kafka’s Ein Hungerkünstler (The Hunger Artist) by Andrzej Ploski, circa 1983, which struck my fancy. You can see the full series, as well as Ploski’s illustrations for many of Kafka’s short works here. Note that the stories appear in their Polish translation. If you don’t read Polish but would like to read the corresponding stories as well I can recommend The Kafka Project

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I seem to recall that Colin Wilson, in The Outsider, held up The Hunger Artist as a parable of spiritual hunger; the hunger artist, before dying, confesses that he simply never found the food he craved.

My, that’s a powerful drawing. Reminds me a bit of Kathe Kollwitz.

posted on 09.11 at 07:16 PM.

Nie rozśmieszaj mnie. Ha!


posted on 09.11 at 08:30 PMJoe Moran

I love Kafka - as long as I don’t have to read any of his stories. They always give me major depressions. Great art tho ...

posted on 09.13 at 04:22 AMorangeguru

the drawings are wonderful, he’s got his own strong and interesting lines.

posted on 09.13 at 05:39 PMmoon

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