Description: A late 19th Century quarter repeating Swiss lever in a gold full hunter case. Gilt three quarter plate keyless movement with going barrel, four armed cam above the plate to actuate the automaton. Plain cock with polished steel regulator, compensation balance with blue steel overcoil hairspring. Club foot lever escapement. Slide quarter repeating on two gongs. Engine turned 18 carat gold full hunter case, slide in the band, etcetera.

Wow. Pretty fancy! And what is all that high presision Swiss mechanical dodaddery in the service of? What does it all lead to? 


09.18. filed under: history. humanity. play. wtf.

Heard about “10:10” in watch modeling, and it making a subliminal “smiley face.” Wondering if “12” or “6” would’ve been better here? HA!

Note to self: Look into new watch.


posted on 09.18 at 11:35 PM.

it’d be nice if you could get an ipod inside that thing.

posted on 09.19 at 01:37 PMunlikelymoose

Oh Darling, it’s time to fuck ...

posted on 09.19 at 02:07 PMorangeguru

What time is it? It’s Sexy Time!

posted on 09.20 at 12:44 AM.

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