Truth of words, larkless, here the possibility of greatness ever a page existing. Crazy pulchritude with incomprehension. Each vision a riddle with silent smilings! The mystery is additive to all, however, with production of private head tales, tongueless! like Pinker in Chomsky’s night pillow. No memory, even as childish, these wonders. Smurfs? The Terrific Space Coaster? Kangaroo Commander? Bah! The sadness does hover at missing the most great entertainments young eyes might glance on screens, it’s certain. Old eyes now and glancing at screens. Different but approaching what was. Together our tongueless eyes! We, all of us, glance at screens!

09.27. filed under: film. play.

That my hallucination is the host, was rejoicing, like the bee which from the large cloud has fallen as accepted this actuality for using my imagination which you are moved, there is, I. But true shape of all people of rear of the mask of the story is the erroneous indication and the strategy of the extent of prototype from the unexpected wilderness and therefore with creative ones, it will be able to curve, it was said. Brave discoverer! How you look at dream so certainly? I am moved as I to be less been these images from substance,!

posted on 09.27 at 09:24 PM.

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