And you shall know us by our doodles!

Oh, the tortured and convoluted minds of the insane! What a horror, the knowledge that they slink down the evening streets, pass us on rainy highways, stand behind us on line at the supermarket. They mutter, they stammer, they crane their necks and wail with bloodied hands during every lighting storm. But when they are silent? When their tumultuous souls are temporarily still? How shall we know them then? I ask you, how will we safeguard our slumber parties and campsites and abandoned gas stations? How will we ever again feel safe walking through poorly lit parking garages at three in the morning? How will we change flat tires on remote rural roads knowing deranged minds lurk all around us?!  Fortunately, good citizen, there is an answer- for so deranged are these crazies that their madness spills over, not only into their ramblings and murderous hands, but onto the very walls around them! Lunatics simply can not resist the urge to scrawl their turbulent thoughts over every inch of bare wall available to them. They are, one and all, compulsive doodlers… evidently.

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I wonder if there’s some way I can work the phrase, “Stabby, stabby weiner” into my everyday conversation?

posted on 10.02 at 09:53 PMMrBaliHai

As far as I remember, Kevin Spacey in “Se7en” at least had the sense to scrawl his craziness into a small notebook.
And I’d like to pre-order three rolls of that wallpaper.

posted on 10.03 at 04:54 AMsimon

A. Please put me on the short list for several 100 rolls.
B. I like the math in the bottom right corner.
C. I think that was Russel Crowe’s rough draft area from A Beautiful Mind.

posted on 10.03 at 11:12 AMachilles3

All of you, OUT OF MY ROOOMM! And which one of you took the foil off the window! I need that foil to keep the pigeons from eating my dreams!

posted on 10.03 at 07:34 PM.

@MrB: I’m sure you could manage it. For instance- does your new kitten have a name yet?

Course keep in mind: Mr. Stabby Stabby Weiner®©™

I’ll expect .0008 cents every time you call him for chow or scold him for pooping on your pillowcase.

posted on 10.04 at 07:47 AMjmorrison

It seems that it’s not as rare as you’d think:

posted on 11.06 at 06:34 AMsimon

The person writing in the wall was very creative. I don’t see rage in the writings and also is kind of catoonish the way he draw the bird-thing. Very cool picture.
Motorcycle Fairings

posted on 09.12 at 10:51 AMMotorcycle Fairings

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