Part 1- Drama

This scene opens, the way 94 percent of all scenes do, with a person doing something or other. 47 percent of the time it’s a male doing something; you know, playing pool in leather pants, knifing someone, loading secrets onto a computer disk, that kind of thing. 47 percent of the time a scene opens with a female rather than a male, usually blow drying her hair in scanty under-things, wailing, or loading secrets onto a computer disk. 6 percent of the time it’s a moody but essentially empty interior or landscape. I’m guessing in terms of the numbers, of course, but the specific percentages make little difference, as a person almost always enters the scene in short order, sometimes even accompanied by a catchy tune. To be honest I’m not entirely sure a scene has properly begun until that entrance is made…

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I loved it!

posted on 10.09 at 05:19 AMachilles3

Thank you Achilles3. I appreciate that.

posted on 10.09 at 06:00 PMjmorrison

I really like this. It reminds me very much of the comic sci-fi stuff I read a lot as a teenager. Except, I think, this is probably better than most of what I was reading. It actually has the structure and payoff of a real short story.

posted on 10.10 at 10:43 AMPierce

That my dear Pierce is because it is a real short story (Probably not short enough for a blog and not long enough for print) undoubtedly silly though it may be. Trying to keep as sharp as I can so when that (almost surely mythical) windfall of time comes my way I’ll be ready to start on a book idea I’ve had for a while now. In any case… thanks, I do appreciate the vote of confidence.

posted on 10.10 at 01:34 PMjmorrison

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