Mr. Men: The Movie

Way back in 1971 Roger Hargreaves, a London Ad man, wrote and illustrated a little book called Mr.Tickle. It was the birth of the immensely popular Mr. Men franchise which would make Hargreaves the third most selling British author in history, published in over 22 languages. Some of the older among you surely remember these. here is a screenshot.) Why am I telling you all this? Why would a person like myself, with an admittedly acerbic sort of outlook, put myself in a position to have to post an image which contained not just rainbows and butterflies and picnic blankets but kites and hot-air balloons to boot?! Read on…

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Written by Crispin Glover? Niiice.

posted on 10.17 at 07:38 PM.

You sick little monkey.
OK, I see your point. I always found Mr Happy a little disturbing, even as a child.

posted on 10.18 at 03:30 AMsimon


That was disturbing.

I’m happy to admit that I’m young enough for the Mr. Men to have played a fairly significant part in my upbringing. Mr. Bump was the one I most identified with. Which probably explains a lot. I consider him one of the great tragic characters of our times.

Actually, out of the presented scenarios, Mr Bump actually has an almost positive outcome in his abduction to the sanatorium. They will at least have some restraints and padded cells. He can be given time to recuperate.

posted on 10.18 at 04:26 AMPierce

@Tom: You caught that! Good. I hand picked that dream team voice cast as well. Figured it would be a dead give away, as if such a group of b-luminaries could ever be wrangled into a single project. Udo Kier and Bruce Campbell and Rutger Hauer? Cmon!

@Simon: Careful, it’s contagious.

@Pierce. Yeah, Mr. Bump is the only one I really remember. Didn’t want to chop him up or anything, I figured playing on his deathly fear of mysterious turds would be harsh enough.

posted on 10.18 at 08:14 AMjmorrison

Ya, that’s a hell of a cast. Y’know, Rutger Hauer can be damn great when he gets the right script. See: Blade Runner; Simon Magus. So can Bruce Campbell. See: Bubba Ho-Tep. Udo Kier, not so much.

And directed by the guy who made The Exorcist? Dude, are you tryin’ to scar us?

posted on 10.18 at 05:42 PM.

Damn, I was really enjoying imagining Bruce Campbell and Rutger Hauer in this one…

posted on 10.19 at 12:29 PMConrad Roth

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