As The Sun Goes Down…

at the close of another hard day in the life, people can not help but indulge in some melancholic reverie. It is our nature. In pubs and gentlemen’s clubs and living rooms and on park benches, the drinks drunk and the songs sung, our eyes become distant as we think privately on all that we’ve had and lost. On this evening it’s Giornale Nuovo which occupies our thoughts, as its proprietor Mr. Aitch closes its doors for the final time and walks off toward parts unknown. Goodbye Giornale!

Just wanted to wish a fond farewell to Aitch. A classier and more gentlemanly blogger I have yet to come across. Giornale Nuovo will be missed. Here’s hoping his next project, whatever it may be, brings him happiness. 

10.23. filed under: personal.

Hear Hear!
The internet just dimmed a little.

posted on 10.23 at 10:28 AMpeacay

Indeed.  A fond farewell to a good man.

posted on 10.23 at 11:24 AMJack Rusher

Five years? I would say that blogging well for a year is an equivalent labor to writing a novel, recording one or two damn good music albums, building a house, making a feature film, a room full of paintings… it’s a real creative work, and doesn’t get the respect it deserves. Bravo.

posted on 10.23 at 07:59 PM.

Well thanks for bringing it up. I’d never seen it before, so now I’ve six years of archives to keep me busy.
This is the second blog I’ve heard of recently that has decided to wrap things up definitively (as opposed to just neglecting it until people forget about it and stop checking to see if it’s been updated). I wonder if this is a trend - people who started back when the medium was young are now growing tired of it or moving on to other things?

posted on 10.24 at 04:26 AMsimon

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