Robot Folktales

Have you ever found yourself, sitting there at the office or behind a neighbors shrub, wondering, “What would a robot tell me if I weren’t so self involved and just gave it the chance to talk about itself?” I think we all have. It’s one of the great burning questions. Yet even in this magical age of information and technology, in which we enjoy the benefits of rocket ships and self-raking litter boxes, the answer has not been forthcoming. Or at least that’s what I thought before meeting Bluebell and Hector, a couple of genteel robots with tales to tell.

Tips for greater efficiency for example:
#2. Don’t waste time on decisions. Always choose the third from the left.

#3. Think about the bees. If they can succeed so can you.

#4 Get a nickname, preferably “The Colonel.” This will save you years of effort.

Hearty kudos go to Emma Payne for dragging our sorry asses into the red-wallpapered, naturalist illustrated, future. Because truly… any future in which I can’t listen to a robot recount its dreams or read me its latest poem is not one I want to spend a hell of a lot of time in. Brilliant.



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These are the same synthesized voices you can hear on the Air song “How Does It Make You Feel?” from 10,000 HZ Legend. Which I do recommend muchly (I have several Air albums on iTunes). The song is very reminiscent of Bluebell and Hector; in it, the male (presumably Hector) rhapsodises at length on his emotions toward his significant other (Bluebell, presumably). Oh, how he whispers wishes that the two of them could exist on the same planet, how their love stretches farther than the eye can see. Then a chorus of hotties (we imagine) asks, how does it make you feel? over and over, ethereally… finally she replies. She’s as dry as brut champagne, and as practically minded as a blacksmith.

“Well… I really think you should quit smoking.”

Awesome, really.

posted on 10.29 at 09:47 PM.

“This will take awhile to sink in”
Funny as hell!

posted on 10.29 at 10:30 PMachilles3

There are only a few times in our lives where we encounter something not fully understood, and yet we know it is enormously significant. Perhaps life changing.

This is awesome.

posted on 10.30 at 05:26 AMPierce

That was unbelievable.

posted on 10.31 at 01:04 PM.

This is amazing lol. I look forward to a future where robots tell us what to do, I would trust their advise more then your average person.

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