Happy Holidays To You

Though I didn’t find the time this year to continue my tradition of Nonist holiday cards I just wanted to carve a moment out of the hectic schedule to wish all of you, my astoundingly attractive, astute, and aesthetically-advanced audience, a very happy holiday season. Here’s to the terrifically unlikely proposition that we, all of us, come out of it feeling even a smidgeon more rested than we did going in, that even one among us manages to give a gift that will actually be enjoyed by its recipient, that our travels are relatively painless, and that none of us are forced, through the sheer frustration of contact with the inevitable massive and milling crowds, to elbow anyone in the neck! Joy, then, be to all. I hope to return to action before the new year. See you then.

Love- Jaime

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Happy holidays to you too, and thanks for all you’ve given us throughout the year.

posted on 12.23 at 05:03 PMsimon

Happy ho ho, Jaime.

Very Respectfully,

posted on 12.24 at 11:05 AM.

Merry XXXmas, Jaime and all!

Here are a couple of links I’m cut-n-pasting from alt.fan.rawilson

Santa as shaman:  http://www.arthurmag.com/magpie/?p=2492

Santa’s Crimes Against Humanity, by Robert Anton Wilson:

Funny news came to me just the other day: my six-word memoir was chosen to be in a book of same:

Fairly cool, that.  But not 1/100 as cool as those nonist holiday cards. Holy crap.

posted on 12.24 at 08:56 PM.

Since I consider your blog the gift I never tire of opening, what a lovely bunch of wishes for us readers!

Stay warm, enjoy the nog/cookies/lutefisk/what-have-you, and thanks for sharing your blog and your generous little grey cells with us.

posted on 12.25 at 01:23 PMLori Witzel


To you and yours, as well.

Speaking of gifts… I’m going to settle back and read Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian, or the Evening Redness in the West,—just to keep in the holiday spirit. ;-)

What’s on your gift-related agenda? I’m assuming some form of reading will be involved, no?

posted on 12.25 at 07:26 PMMoody834

My daughter Heidi gave me the Gift of Book. This book, to be exact: Should You Be Laughing at This?

Good and offensive!

posted on 12.25 at 08:22 PM.

Merry Christmas!
We missed you these past two days—the duck was delish!

The Mihalys (especially Razz)

posted on 12.26 at 12:25 AM.

Merry Merry & thank you for your wonderful, enlightening, entertaining, thought-provoking, at times ever-so-slightly disturbing addition to the blog-sphere.  Don’t forget to return in the new year.

posted on 12.26 at 08:59 PM.

Thanks for the gifts and all. This Christmas Eve was one of the best. Maybe we are finally old enough to make sense to one another.

Love you,


posted on 12.26 at 10:30 PM.

Much love and best holiday wishes to you as well!

posted on 12.29 at 08:37 PMjane

Interesting pic with snake handing out gift box to the women

posted on 06.02 at 04:14 PMCorporate Hampers

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