The Repugnant Mugs of Ugly Bugs

Bugs- weird, off-putting, unknowable, swarming and creeping and crawling masters of the Earth. Even when seen from across a poorly lit room, at only a few millimeters long, scurrying for cover, we, the thumb-flexing warhead-builders, fear and revile them. Their “otherness” disturbs us I’ll venture to guess, because in nearly every encounter we reflexively let the boot-heels fall. So how, as a species, do we usually come to terms with things which we do not understand? Why, by looking at them more closely of course! Were we to make the effort and take the time to look at our insect neighbors more closely, face to face as it were, we’d see something in them that would bridge that gap of “otherness” and quell that deep-seated horror; we’d approach some new enlightened understanding which would, over time, in perhaps as few as two generations, effectively curb our instinct for instant murder, replacing it instead with feelings of fellowship for they who are, after all, not so very different from ourselves… right? Uh… think again.

Ten years worth of entries for the Oklahoma Microscopy Society’s Ugly Bug Contest, which are essentially micrograph mug-shots, ought to dispel any of those human/insect utopian notions. Check it out: 07, 06, 05, 04, 03, 02, 01, 00, 99, 98, 97. Yeesh. Where did I put my hobnailed boots ?

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I have just this moment finished watching an episode of BBC’s Life in the Undergrowth, and find myself inclined to agree with you. It is pretty much the closest thing to watching extra terrestrials. Thrilling.

posted on 01.03 at 06:25 PMPierce

It might be a simple thing for me to stop myself from swatting mosquitoes if they stopped biting me, or flies if they didn’t insist on alighting on my ice cream cone. I have, however, sworn a holy war against the cockroaches of Japan. To put it bluntly, I go into berserker mode when one comes into view. I’ve waged hand-to-hand combat from the dark, grassy corners of my tatami room to the cliff-like surfaces just to the left of my balcony. Foot in shoe, slipper in hand, I shall not rest until the last member of this vile race stays the fuck out of my apartment. And if anyone thinks that it’s perhaps my slovenly ways that *invites* these creatures into my humble abode, well then, heh, I’ll gladly introduce you to the generalissimo of germ-free living—my Japanese wife. If she smacks you with her slipper, don’t say you weren’t warned…

posted on 01.04 at 03:01 PMkyklops

I look forward to part two on fungi. Fungi and bug heads. I’m salivating already.

posted on 01.04 at 09:49 PMAl

In some way they seem quite beautiful.  Their alienness is a relief from the quotidian.  And I only kill spiders in the house because my wife and daughters scream for me to.  On the other hand when a kid with a BB gun I killed birds galore.  I balked at shooting squirrels with a .22 and seldom killed again.

Have you ever watched large garden slugs mate?  Fascinating experience, the colors, the motion, even the sounds…

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that picture reminds of me of something but i cant place it.

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