Gaikotsu’s Postcards

Or: Aitch’s Pick

This post comes to us, not from the usual source, namely my own expeditions of internet spelunking, but rather from an altogether more novel source- a friend of mine by the name of Mr. H. Most of you will remember Aitch fondly from his revered and only recently shuttered blog Giornale Nuovo. Well, it so happens that Aitch came across some images which he felt needed to be shared with the populace at large. He went ahead and crafted a post, leaving it here on The Nonist’s doorstep like a beautiful and cooing orphaned baby. Who am I, and indeed who are you, to do anything but embrace it lovingly?

So, without further interuption from me, here is Mr. H’s post on journalist Miyatake Gaikotsu and his collection of humorous and often obscure early 20th century postcards-

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Does this mean Mr. H. has, for all intents and purposes, quit his blog to join yours? Hmmmm? Nice collaboration I must say. Looking forward to more in the same vein. Good stuff!!!


posted on 01.06 at 04:00 PMJoe Moran

No Joe, nothing like that.

When Aitch closed down Giornale I simply offered him a soapbox were he to ever desire one. He remains a mysterious and fiercely independent mountain man type, quietly roaming the peaks and valleys of the internet, cleverly trapping ephemera and hunting historical art with nothing but a bowie knife and his bare hands… I assure you.

posted on 01.06 at 04:08 PMjmorrison

Right on. Good stuff, either way. Way to go Mr. H!

Very, very respectfully,

posted on 01.06 at 05:39 PM.

Glad to see Mr. Aitch is still circulating in cyberspace.

This is pretty brilliant stuff; our tepid contemporary avant-garde could learn a lot from these images.

posted on 01.06 at 05:59 PMChris Kearin

Oh crap! An up-kimono shot! Bald head-licking!! Is there any perversion the Japanese didn’t invent?

That one with the ginkgo leaves reminds me of an image I got by laying yellow ginkgo leaves on my scanner. I had the thought that I would print out many copies to wallpaper a room, but never did get around to that.

Kudos to misteraitch.

posted on 01.06 at 08:37 PM.

These postcards might be my favorite things ever. EVER.

“Oh crap! An up-kimono shot! Bald head-licking!! Is there any perversion the Japanese didn’t invent?”

My thoughts exactly.

posted on 01.06 at 11:22 PMjane

Many thanks for your hospitality, jm, and for the extra links & info: I must say these complimentary nonist slippers you laid on are really very comfortable!

These are such strong (and often beautiful) designs: their ephemeral conception as throwaway jokes makes them all the more remarkable.

posted on 01.07 at 04:12 AM.

Misteraitch is back! Yay!
There is some funny return business here: Japanese artists imitating European artists (Lautrec, Vallotton, etc.) imitating Japanese artists (Ukiyo-e).

posted on 01.07 at 09:38 AM.

Glad to read another post by Aitch, it was his site that showed me the most glorious codex, it was a shame to see him stop blogging. At least his writing can live on here at the nonist!

posted on 01.08 at 09:57 AMJackDirt

For all the old readers of Giornale Nuovo, it´s good to see misteraitch again, and in top form!

posted on 01.08 at 04:18 PM.

Yes, it’s good to see Mister Aitch again.

Fascinating seeing how ahead of their time these are. The circular man + tree design prefigures some of MC Escher’s effects and the up the kimino shot has a parallel in one of the Surrealist films (Entr’acte by René Clair) but I can’t think of another example in art, certainly not that far back.

posted on 01.09 at 01:13 AMJohn Coulthart

I want them all!
Wonderful (guest) post!

posted on 01.20 at 02:46 PMachilles3

I am delighted by this unexpected cameo…thanks, Mr. H, for that delightful collection! It’s great to know that you’re still making the internet fascinating. The Giornale is sorely missed. The Nonist is the perfect host for a guest turn, though!

posted on 01.26 at 02:36 PMbluewyvern

This delights me very much, thank you!

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