A little something for all my NYC readers in tha house… For a year now I’ve been wondering when some enterprising “urban fashion” brand would seize upon the T-shirt design just staring them in the face every morning and night, on the subway and on the bus flanks, but it never, to my knowledge, materialized. So today, coming across a New York Times article revisiting the subject, I decided to just whip the damn thing up myself. And thus, I give you- “1,944 Snitches.” Perfect for that hustlin’ New Yorker keepin’ it really really real. Larger image here, and see the alternate version, with underscoring MF Doom quote, here. Hands-off Sean John.

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Brilliant.  Do you mind if I make myself one?

posted on 01.08 at 11:33 AM.

Dropped you an email Evan.

posted on 01.08 at 11:48 AMjmorrison

Ha! Been thinking the exact same thing since I got here, but what with me being French and the figure being 1944, I’ve kind of kept that thought to myself. Fear of the backlash anyone?

posted on 01.08 at 02:55 PManne

I gotta say I feel the same way. Trust the cops? Lotsa luck on that one. When they arrest Rove and Cheney and Bush and Gonzales, then I’ll fucking trust the cops.

posted on 01.10 at 07:24 PM.

That’s brilliant!  The campaign receives quite a lot of head-shaky, nervous giggle-inducing press up here too.  Hmmmmm…wonder if it’s relevant enough to warrant getting out the freezer paper and duplicating one for myself.  Either way, well done.

posted on 01.11 at 01:14 PMMelanie

very nice. the doom quote makes it— you should get in touch with some stockists and get these out. wire & twine, maybe?

posted on 01.21 at 02:24 PMchase

Lovely. If ever this notion makes the transition from bits to atoms, I’d love to purchase one.

posted on 02.23 at 09:40 PMSFSlim

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