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I was looking through a Linotype specimen book today from 1920, glancing at the faces, the advertising figures, some info on “the Rogers Tabular Matrix,” that sort of thing, when I came upon a page in the “miscellaneous characters” section which made me pause. It was a page titled “party emblems” and featured icons meant to represent 10 separate political parties. I thought, “In 1920, less than a single lifetime ago, there were 10 political parties in America taken seriously enough to warrant a logo?” My my, how times have changed.

In New York State I think there are still at least 7-8 parties on the ballot, each with its own logo. Last time I looked the Liberal, Conservative, Working Families, Right to Life (the logo is a fetus, of course), and perhaps Green and a Socialist party were there.

posted on 01.13 at 05:55 PMChris Kearin

I find it intriguing that “Liberal” and “Progressive” are separate parties, and that the Liberals are represented by what appears to be a Bible.

posted on 01.14 at 06:04 AMMrBaliHai

Why does the Prohibition Party symbol look like one of those champagne-glass pyramids where you pour the bubbly in the top glass until it runs down to the others? Is this where Republicans got the idea for trickle-down economics? It might be the only place where it actually works.

We need new truly 21st-Century parties. Here are a few unfilled niches I can thing of off the top of my head:

The CyberSexual Party
The SuperNihilist Party
The Hypno-Fascist Party
The Universal Castration Front
The Pseudo-Sanity Party
The Communo-Clonist Party
The Bizarro-Naderites
The Apathy-Cowardice Alliance
The Imperial-Atavist Bund
The Cannibal Rights party
The Pick Your Drug Party
The Anarcho-Nudist Christian Democratic Concordat
The Pimps and Hos Party
The Anti-Future Party
The Oneirocratic Party

Well, that’s a start.

posted on 01.15 at 12:08 AM.

I always liked Gracie Allen’s explanation of why she ran for president in the 1940s as the candidate of the “Surprise” party (not verbatim): “Because my mother was a Democrat, my father was a Republican, and I was a Surprise.”

posted on 01.15 at 09:22 AMChris Kearin

... yet it was essentially still a two party system. This is pointless and you even admit it.

I think the post would be much better without the shoehorned social commentary

posted on 06.11 at 01:54 AMMark Smith

B-b-b-b-but Mark, a blog post without shoehorned social commentary is like Times Square without the peep shows.

posted on 06.11 at 07:16 AM.

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